2015 30th Anniversary play
Bridle My Horse and Bridal My Foot
Hot Springs Eternal

It was a good year for Weiser City, ranchers and farmers were prospering.  Local stores, especially the Bridle and Bridal were busy as a beaver.  Buck and Pearly Teeth had even bought a wooden Indian for the front of the store.  Life was good and had been for a few years.

Then chaos broke loose!  Rooftops of chicken coops were stolen, cattle missing!  The Bridle and Bridal is also being picked clean, but how and when for it is under the watchful eye of the night and day watchman, Claude Hopper!  But all he remembers is... nothing!  The "We Got You Covered" Posse from Cairo Junction is called in too help.  Will the Sheriff Harry Arms, EZ Going and the Posse find the culprits?  The town is falling apart and the people are afraid to sleep at night.  What about our poor little orphan Della-Kate?  What will her future be like?  Where is her Uncle?  Just who is that man with a top hat and cape singing.  Stranger yet, who is that woman wearing a veil?  They look somewhat familiar!

This is an old time melodrama full of intrigue, near disasters, rescues and fun. The audiences participation is needed to help the cast make decisions.  The Olio's, song and dances, have been chosen by the cast as their favorite ones over the past 30 years.  A great evening of family entertainment for all from four to ninety four years young.  Come help us celebrate 30 years of performing in the grand manner.  Hip, Hip, Hooray!

2015 Pictures