2017 play
The Villain of Glitter Gulch
The Infamous I.W. Swindle Returns

Glitter Gulch Saloon, once a roaring gold mining center, had fallen on hard times decades ago. During a fierce blizzard, the town's remaining populace crowds into the eerie and deserted Saloon, a former gambling palace reportedly haunted by the spirits of long departed miners. Miners who had lost their fortunes and their lives in this den of ill repute. Actually, the true scoundrel is revealed as none other than young, Dusty Trails. This young, handsome and dependable hero in all white turns to the dark side when he suspects the presence of an undiscovered gold vein and wants to rid the town of everyone before they discover the truth! The truth about the gold and the truth about his evil doing. If he is the bad guy, then just what is I. W. Swindle doing in this play? Does Dusty know what I. W. Swindle is doing but better yet, does I. W. Swindle know what Dusty is doing. If Dusty is the Hero, how will Katy, the fairest flower in Washington County going to handle her true love being so dastardly? And interestingly enough just how will I. W. Swindle handle Dusty being so dastardly? A twist yet to be seen.

The Star Theater
State Street
Weiser, Idaho 83672

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Saturday March 4th

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Saturday March 18th

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