2016 play
The Treasure of Shiver River
Is Vestless Best

The play takes place in the lobby of the Washington Grand Hotel in Weiser City, which is operated by Lotta Luck, a "rehabilitated gambler".  She is awaiting her guests who have come to town for the big cattle auction.  Scoop O'Malley is the local newspaper writer there to cover the story.  Colonel Sanders and his daughter Heidi Claire, owners of the Shiver River Ranch, have come to sell their cattle.  Rod N Reel is there to sabotage the auction so he can get his "dirty" hands on the Shiver River Ranch, where legend has it there is a buried treasure.  Paige is love sick for Rod N Reel;  she lives her life through her love of romance novels.  

Rod has other plans for her.  Rod's other partner in crime is Ophelia Payne, she pretends to be a doctor, from Germany, to help Rod with his mission.  Marshall Marshall Law is the local marshall there to keep the peace and to win over Heidi Claire.  In order to have the auction they must have an auctioneer so enter Rusty Nail with his wife Gail Nail.  There are two people who have been searching for years for the buried treasure, Bonnie and Orin.  They are a married couple with colorful pasts.  Bonnie was a pirate and is convinced with the right map they will find the treasure.  While, Orin has searched for gold all of his life and does not think they need a map.

Will the auction happen?  Will Marshall Marshall Law win Heidi Claire's heart?  Will Rod N Reel's dastardly plan work to get his grubby hands on the Shiver River Ranch?  Will the Treasure of Shiver River Ranch be found?

The Star Theater
State Street
Weiser, Idaho 83672

Dates and Times for 2016:

Friday March 4th

Saturday March 5th

Friday March 11th

Saturday March 12th

Sunday March 13th

Tuesday March 15th

Friday March 18th

Saturday March 19th

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